amsterdam’s outdoor markets

If you’re a fatass like me, you will LOVE all of the food markets that Amsterdam has around. You’ll find cheese, meats, cheese, seafood, cheese, fresh produce, and did I mention cheese? If you’re staying at an Airbnb or a place with a kitchen, even better! You’ll get the chance to cook and taste the fresh ingredients that Amsterdam has to offer.

Albert Cuypmarkt 16

Albert Cuypmarkt 5

My favorite, and perhaps the more well-known one is Albert Cuypmarkt. They have everything mentioned above, as well as clothing, luggage, souvenirs, toiletries, you name it – it’s a one stop shop. It’s also where you can find Dutch sweets, like the stroopwafel, and poffertjes.

Albert Cuypmarkt 62
Albert Cuypmarkt 44
Poffertjes (mini pancakes) in the making
Albert Cuypmarkt 53
Some very erotic chocolate…
Albert Cuypmarkt 13
Bikes for sale

Another market is Dappermarkt. It’s about half the size of Albert Cuypmarkt and also has about half the variety. But one thing Albert’s lacks that you’ll find here is a variety of fried seafood – fish, calamari, shrimp. And it’s all freshly fried right in front of your eyes.

Dappermarkt 1
Dappermarkt 3
Freshly fried fish

Waterlooplein doesn’t have any food (although they do have a food truck of fast food you can get if you’re in a bind). It’s more for the marijuana enthusiast. They have all the marijuana paraphernalia that you could dream of. They even have items for the pothead with a sweet tooth, like lollipops, ice cream, cookies, and chocolate just to name a few. They also double as a flea market. I nabbed a Bon Jovi record for 3 euros!

Waterlooplein 3
Waterlooplein 5
Rolling paper
Waterlooplein 6
Waterlooplein 7
Ice cream

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