chicago as seen from 1,450 feet up in the air

Don’t worry, you’ll be completely safe. Except for the time the Skydeck cracked back in 2014, but you know, other than that, you’ll be completely safe.

2015-10-01 12.05.46
Yes, that’s me checking if it’s safe (PC: Ben)
2015-10-01 12.06.20
You can see straight down! (PC: Ben)

Willis Tower, formerly known as the Sears Tower is the second tallest tower in the United States (One World Trade Center is number 1). Its most popular feature is probably the three glass boxes that jut out from its side, the previously mentioned Skydeck. It’s located on the 103rd floor of the building and takes about 60 seconds to travel up there via elevator. Here, you’ll get a 360 view of Chicago and an amazing vantage point of Lake Michigan.

Willis Tower 2

Willis Tower 44
John Hancock Tower is on the left – black building with two antennas

Tickets are $22. Also be sure to check your company website to see if they offer any tickets because I was able to save a few bucks and score tickets for $19. This method, as well as purchasing online ahead of time allows you to skip the line. If you happen to go on a busy day, say a Saturday, and you don’t have tickets, you may not even get in. I went on a Thursday and it wasn’t too crowded.

I’ve been told that the view from the John Hancock Tower is just as astonishing, so if you don’t feel like going up the Willis Tower, Hancock is another option. I’m sure it’s not much different. It’s all just a matter of which tower you want the focal point to be in your photos.

I would definitely recommend the Willis Tower, but that’s just me. I love doing touristy things in cities I’ve never been to, especially if it’s something that will give me a bird’s eye view like this one:

Willis Tower 46

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