another amazing (and free) view of chicago

If you’re visiting Chicago on a budget, or you just don’t feel like shelling out $30+ for a boat tour, a great way to see the city is by taking a stroll on the Chicago Riverwalk. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a walk along the river. It runs from Lake Shore Drive to Franklin Street for about a mile.

Riverwalk 46Riverwalk 5Tandem Bikes to Buckingham Fountain 1

Or if walking isn’t your thing, you can rent anything from a tandem bike to a kayak and see the city that way. Just a fair warning though, tandem bikes are NOT easy and I learned that the hard way biking to the Buckingham Fountain. But more to come on that!

Don’t worry – if physical activity is not really your cup of tea, you can always go grab a cup of alcohol – at some of the bars/restaurants along the walk. There will be even more options soon because the city is expanding the riverwalk by 9 blocks, slated to be completed sometime in 2016.

Fun fact: Every year, the river is dyed green for St. Paddy’s Day. It transforms to from the murky green color it normally is, to a bright, almost comical green hue. So if you’re in town during this time, I’m sure it would be a sight to see. You can check out the list of St. Paddy’s Day events here.

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