there’s more to magic kingdom than cinderella’s castle

This was probably the most packed out of all the Disney Parks. But it makes sense – what little girl doesn’t dream of being made up as a princess and visiting Cinderella’s Castle? Unfortunately, I was a little too old to play dress up for it to be socially acceptable, but I still had a magical time, nonetheless!

Magic Kingdom (120)

Magic Kingdom (136)

If you’re planning to drive to Magic Kingdom, you have to take a ferry from the parking lot to the park. All of the waiting and the actual ferry ride took about 25 minutes. I believe you can normally take the monorail but I think it was under construction when we went.

Magic Kingdom (6)

Most of the rides at Magic Kingdom aren’t “thrill rides” but it’s more about the story. Nothing is ever too “kiddie”, but more like it makes you feel like a kid again. It brings back memories of the VHS days when you used to rewind and watch a Disney classic over and over.

Disney loves using animatronics, so depending on how you look at it – it can be either super creepy, or super cool.

Magic Kingdom (49)
Ariel’s Undersea Adventure
It's A Small World
It’s A Small World

I found that the rides with the longest waits during the daytime were Big Thunder Mountain, It’s A Small World, and Peter Pan’s Flight. So if these are your must-see rides, and you have your Disney fast pass, you might want to consider using it for one of these attractions. Otherwise, go later on in the night (i.e. after 8 pm) when it’s already past most of kids’ bedtimes and there is little to no wait.

Some important things to note?

Pirates of the Caribbean – when I went in May, it was about to be closed a few weeks afterwards for renovation. So if you’re a huge POTC fan like I am, you should check on its schedule.

Pirates of the Caribbean
Pirates of the Caribbean
Captain Jack Sparrow!
Captain Jack Sparrow!

Electrical parade – this starts from Main Street, USA. If you happen to be dining at Tony’s Town Square around the time it begins, you might be able to catch glimpses of it from your table – depending on where you’re sitting. Even if you aren’t dining there, the parade is definitely worth checking out.

Peter Pan
Peter Pan

Magic Kingdom (207)

Fireworks (Wishes Nighttime Spectacular) – the show is 12 minutes long. And I know I’ve used this word already in this post, but it really is magical. There’s no other way to describe it. Cinderella’s castle is lit up in various ways, and they incorporate a lot of different Disney characters into the show (most recently, the Frozen characters). You definitely don’t want to miss this spectacular.

Magic Kingdom (184)

Magic Kingdom (194)

No alcohol – is served anywhere in this park. This isn’t EPCOT where you can go to Germany for Oktoberfest, and then sip on some wine in France. Magic Kingdom is all about just enjoying Disney for what it really is!

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