melbourne as seen from 935 feet up in the air

No, you don’t have to go on any helicopter rides (but that would be cool, wouldn’t it?). You won’t have to hike up any mountains. All you have to do is get in an elevator. But these aren’t just any elevators. They are supposedly the fastest elevators in the southern hemisphere, traveling at the rate of 29.5 feet per second.

Eureka Skydeck (1)

The Eureka Skydeck 88 opened in 2006. This tower is relatively new to the skyline. The 88 stands for the 88th floor, which is where the observation deck is located. It offers you a 360 degree view of Melbourne. Tickets are $19.50 but check with your hotel to see if they have any coupons.

There’s a viewing platform with glass floors called, ‘The Edge’ (extra fee) that moves out over the edge of the building, so you can see beneath your feet. There’s also a terrace where you can get a (very windy) view of the city.

Eureka Skydeck (21)

Eureka Skydeck (24)

Arts Centre Melbourne
Arts Centre Melbourne
Eureka Skydeck (36)
Melbourne Cricket Ground (left) and AAMI Park (right)
Eureka Skydeck (41)
View from the terrace

There’s an annual charity event called the Eureka Climb, where participants race to see who can climb all 1642 steps to the observation deck, the fastest. So if you’re looking for a good leg workout, this is probably it. Plus, it’s for a good cause!

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