it’s not all about bondi

I wonder how all of the other beaches feel, living in the shadow of Bondi. Everyone has heard of Bondi, and makes it a point to take the trip there when they visit Sydney. Which, don’t get me wrong – you should definitely visit Bondi. It’s great!

But yet, here all of these other Sydney beaches are. Chillin. Just as beautiful as Bondi, if not even more beautiful, but they never get the credit that’s due to them! Who made Bondi Marcia, and all of the other beaches Jan? Bondi, Bondi, Bondi! Well it’s time to get to know the other fabulous beaches of Sydney. Let’s start with Manly.

Manly Beach (73)

To get to Manly, there are buses available from the Sydney city centre. However, I definitely recommend you take the Manly Ferry. If you do decide to take the ferry, the beach is only about a five minute walk away from the Manly Wharf.

Manly Beach (1)
Manly Wharf

One thing I learned while staying in Sydney is that the weather can be very unpredictable. When I woke up in Sydney that morning, it was pouring. It didn’t look like I was going to get my tan on. But once we started our ferry ride, the weather started clearing up. When we got to Manly, it was picture perfect beach weather. It was almost as if the weather Gods smiled upon us for our last day in Australia. It was a little windier than I would have liked, but the sun was out, so I can’t complain. Plus, I guess that just meant better waves for the surfers out there. The waves were actually kind of rough that day. In order to avoid it, you either have to attempt to run back to shore, or dive in head first, Kate-Bosworth-Blue-Crush style. (NOTE TO SELF: DO NOT DIVE IN HEAD FIRST KATE BOSWORTH BLUE CRUSH STYLE. You WILL get bitch-slapped by the ocean). Also I’m not sure if it was just that day since it was windy, but I noticed a lot of sandbars too. So just be extra careful and be sure to look where you’re stepping.

Manly Beach (61)

Rough waves
Someone (thankfully not me) got caught in some rough waves

Manly Beach (65)

Of course, if tanning or surfing isn’t really your thing, there are lots of shops and restaurants nearby. Check out Fishmongers Manly which is close to the beach. If that still doesn’t peak your interest, do what everyone else does nowadays in this digital age – go on your phone. They have free WiFi! That’s right, WiFi at the beach! You can FaceTime your friends half way across the world. The connection is actually pretty good!

Manly Beach (2)

Monger's box at Fishmongers Manly
Monger’s box at Fishmongers Manly

Manly, this is your time to step out of the shadows. Embrace your inner (and outer) beauty! It’s your turn to shine!

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