a (super) quick guide to australian slang

If you’re planning to head to the land down under, it might be useful to learn some of the lingo they use over there. Keep in mind – It’s probably different in each city/region. But since I only got a chance to visit three cities, this is what I mostly heard:

Brekkie = breakfast

I didn’t hear anyone actually say it, but I saw it used multiple times at restaurants and fast food joints.

CBD (32)
Brekkie at Macca’s


G’day = “Hello”

I’ve only heard this maybe once or twice.

And NO – no one actually says, “G’Day, mate!” I’ve heard both words, but never together.

Heaps = a lot

Americans say, “tons” (or the less polite version – “a shitload”) but Aussies say, “heaps”

At the Great Barrier Reef, I was wondering out loud to my friend, how much time we would have left to snorkel. One of the instructors overheard and assured me, “Don’t worry! You’ll have heaps of time!”

Hungry Jack’s = Burger King

Okay, so this one isn’t technically slang. I don’t know what the reasoning is for changing its name, but Hungry Jack’s is the same as Burger King. They have the same logo and even have the Whopper.

Macca’s = McDonald’s

Melbourne City Centre (35)

Mate = buddy/pal/friend.

I wasn’t even in Australia yet but near the gate with a flight that was going from LAX to SYD. One guy, who I’m assuming was Australian said to another guy, “Hey mate, you headed to Sydney?” (I know I shouldn’t assume things but he also had an Australian accent. So for blog purposes, I’ll just make the assumption this time!)

*This seems to be the most common “slang” that’s used since I’ve heard it a couple of times throughout my trip.

No worries = “You’re welcome”, or “That’s okay.”

It’s usually a response to, “Thank you”, or “Sorry.”

Tomato sauce = ketchup

I don’t know why.


I didn’t hear/see any of these words being used but they might come in handy.

Oz = a nickname for Australia

Straya = another nickname for Australia

Servo = gas station

For more slang words, check this site out:


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