kissing the blarney stone (and a million other people)

The legend has it is that if you kiss the Blarney Stone, you will be blessed with the ‘gift of gab’, or eloquence. But it’s not just any kiss. In order to get that smooch, you will have to climb to the top of the Blarney Castle, lean backwards, and kiss it upside down. Apparently, back then, people used to hang you upside down by the ankles for you to do it. Thankfully, it’s a lot safer today. There are safety bars and a person helping you romance the stone. Another employee snaps a picture of you in case you’re interested in purchasing a photo afterwards.

The Blarney Castle
The Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle (97)

Blarney Castle (112)

Once you’re up there, it is very windy. There’s also a fairly quickly-moving line. It’s almost like a kissing booth! When it’s your turn, the employees tell you exactly what to do, and the deed is done! Everything just happens very quickly.

Oh and did I mention that millions of people have slobbered all over the stone before you? Yeah…the Blarney Stone gets around.

But don’t worry, the workers disinfect it…every once in a while. So if you’re a germaphobe (or you know, if you just don’t feel like catching any diseases), just remember these two tips and you’ll be fine:

  1. Keep your mouth closed. It’s not a make out session – just a peck.
  2. Have an antibacterial wipe handy for after the kiss.
The Blarney Stone
The Blarney Stone
Kissing the Blarney Stone
Kissing the Blarney Stone
Don't forget to check out the murder hole on the way down!
You can see the murder hole on the way down from the stone

Don’t forget to check out the Blarney Woolen Mills next door! They have a lot of great souvenirs, including real wool – and at a reasonable price. There’s also a cafe there that serves pretty good food.

The Blarney Woolen Mills
The Blarney Woolen Mills

Blarney Woolen Mills (24)

The Blarne

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