lunch in corniglia

Corniglia was our second town and it was also where we stopped for lunch. A lunch that consisted of fresh seafood – quite possibly the best meal I had in Italy. I’d say it was well deserved after hiking and sweating for 4.5km. We didn’t do much else because after lunch, it was time for our next hike – to Vernazza. With this trail, you get more views of the coast. But with that came a lot of rocky steps that basically went up and down. It wasn’t easy, especially since it was drizzling a little bit on and off – so some of the trails were slippery. Right before we reached Vernazza is also where my friends and I decided to lock our friendship lock. I know…it’s very ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’. But it’s a great alternative to the Ponte Vecchio in Florence!

Prickly pear on the trail to Vernazza
Prickly pear on the trail to Vernazza
Ours is the golden lock above the pink one

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